Speak Life - Words kill, words give life...Proverbs 18:21 Msg
Literary Excerpts
From Speak Life
Through Speak Life, Min. Yelva Burley has released a safety net to young women. Speak Life is an answer to the unspoken cries of many young women.  This book will offer hope with practical biblical application.  Min. Burley has succeeded in communicating life changing principles in down to earth, easy to understand terms.  Prepare to laugh, cry, and be directed through 31 days of life changing revelations.  This is a must read for every girl and a must buy for every person who wants to Speak Life to a girl.
Rev. Jasina Barber Wise
From Like A Tree
"...in the midst of life's challenges, Christians must resolve within themselves that at some point in the storm, the only thing left to do is to just stand. We can't quit now. We can't throw in the towel. We can't raise the white flag. We ...can’t end anything. We just have to stand. We stand until we see the salvation of the Lord. We stand until His will is clear. We stand until our prayers are manifested. We just STAND!"
From the Forward of Like A Tree. 
Speak Life
Introduction & Devotion
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